Plain text access to two centuries of medieval registers (French royal chancery)

Artificial Intelligence has unlocked the access to the text of medieval manuscripts! The partners of the European research project HIMANIS implemented, for the first time, the indexing and plain text querying of thousands of pages of medieval manuscripts. The large scale of the corpus and the possibility to search in plain text for handwritten sources are unheard of in medieval studies, so that the results present a major shift for historians. The challenge of multilingualism, script variation and abbreviations, which are crucial for HTR on medieval sources, has been successfully met.

Overview presentation: Dominique Stutzmann, Christopher Kermorvant, Enrique Vidal, Sukalpa Chanda, Sébastien Hamel, Joan Puigcerver Pérez , Lambert Schomaker, Alejandro H. Toselli, “Handwritten Text Recognition, Keyword Indexing, and Plain Text Search in Medieval Manuscripts”, Digital Humanities 2018 Puentes-Bridges: Book of Abstracts Libro de resúmenes (Mexico City, 26-29 June 2018), Mexico, 2018, p. 298-302, PDF en ligne [], HTML [], XML []

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