99 pilgrimages / 99 “pelerinage(s)”: accuracy and historical research

Good news! We travelled across the registers, looking for pilgrimages… A search for pilgrimages in the registers of the French royal chancery is a fantastic example of what HIMANIS is bringing to the historians and interested citizens.

Search for “pelerinage” or “pelerinages” with a confidence level as low as 0 gives 54 matches with an average confidence of 46.6. This means 54 registers and 96 pages corresponding to the search, and 99 spotted occurrences. We searched in French only and, here, the results are amazingly accurate: All spotted occurrences are correct! And they even include an occurrence in a black-and-white register, scanned from the microfilm… A very good information for further research.

The table below shows the list of occurrences with direct links. Of course, there are some artefacts and in one occurrence, we see a bizarre result: http://prhlt-kws.prhlt.upv.es/himanis/index.php/ui/show/chancery/259/149?q=pelerinage+%7C%7C+pelerinages&feedback=1 in which there are two (red) boxes around the word, which is “pelerignage” but has also been indexed as “pelerinage”. In this case, I have to confess that I have clicked on “correct” to confirm the reading, before realizing that it was, technically speaking, not a correct match 😉
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