This website shall gather presentation materials and share scientific informations and news about the progress of the research project HIMANIS with colleagues and interested people.

The participating teams in HIMANIS are:

Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (CNRS)

The Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (IRHT) is an independent institute within the CNRS (UPR 841). It is devoted to fundamental research on medieval manuscripts and early printed books. The textual histories of works written in the major languages of the Mediterranean Basin (Latin, romance languages, Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, Syriac, Arabic) are treated from all aspects: the material support, writing, textual content, decoration, iconography, diffusion, and reception.


A2iA is the first name in recognition technology. As the global leader in data extraction, we specialize in helping our customers access more of the critical, revenue-driving information that has a direct impact on their top and bottom lines.

UPV Universitat Politècnica de València, esp. Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology Research Center

The Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology (PRHLT) research center is composed by researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in the areas of Multimodal Interaction, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing (Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Handwritten Text Recognition, Document Analysis) and Language Processing (Speech Recognition and Understanding, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval). The PRHLT center is an active research entity with important ongoing research projects, technology transfer activities, and research publications.

University of Groningen, esp. Alice – Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering

The research in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Engineering is inherently interdisciplinary in nature. With Computing Science, an interest in formal modeling is shared, where these models may be symbolic, statistical or hybrid in nature. With Psychology and Biology an interest in natural cognition is shared, where the goal is to describe fundamental qualities of cognition in such an explicit way that computational models of perceptual, cognitive, and behavioral control functions can be constructed. The research program covers four interrelated areas in Artificial Intelligence: Cognitive Modeling. Multi-Agent Systems, Autonomous Perceptive Systems, Sensory Cognition.

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  1. Merci pour votre retour aussi enthousiaste ! Nous sommes désolés pour la mise hors-ligne momentanée, due à un problème technique. Nous allons remettre le site en ligne très rapidement !

  2. Les archives des lettres de remission sont indispendables pour ma recherche et je ne peux pas exprimer mes remerciements autant qu’il merite de faire. Je vois que le site Internet n’est pas accessible depuis vendredi (22.7.22) – j’espere de tout mon coeur que sa va bientot etre accessible pour les chercheurs, pour qui c’est un enorme cadeau. Merci!

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